Greats of the Past

These are some special dogs that have produced what Merrylawn is today....

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Dione's Ajax of Merrylawn

Merrylawn's Tawny Deirdre

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  harlwalkl.gif (11205 bytes) Harlequins  harlwalkl.gif (11205 bytes)

Am/Can CH Merrylawn's Anotalco Am/Can CD TT CGC

Merrylawn's Angelica CDX 13 points

CH Jer-Vic's Noelle of Merrylawn

Merrylawn's Chrysalis CDX

Merrylawn's Jennifer CD

Merrylawn's Mr. MacGillicuddy CD

Merrylawn's Shannon

Merrylawn's Fortune Hunter

Merrylawn's Fortune Cookie

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 mantlewalking.gif (7704 bytes) Mantles & Blacks  blackwalkl.gif (6734 bytes)

Bantry-Dinro Don Quixote

Bantry-Tagh Enchantra Merry-L CD

Skydane's Sweet As Sugar

Merrylawn's Blackberry Danish

Mogollon's Merrylawn Madana


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Merrylawn's Enchantra Pinxit


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