Merrylawn Great Danes

Since 1965, Danes have been a major part of my life.   Starting with fawns and brindles, my choice of colors quickly switched when I saw a harlequin playing with children at Virginia Beach.

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A rescue female harlequin, Frefin's Karin, of Von Meistersinger lineage, became my foundation bitch.   Rose Roberts of Dinro fame asked me to use CH Dinro Neshobe Chief to prove him, and we were off to a good start.


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Over the years, my main interest has been obedience training and trials, rather than the conformation ring.   Every dog gets trained and almost everyone I've ever kept has some obedience letters following their name.    However, there were several who turned up that couldn't be denied the opportunity to go for their championships, including  Am/Can CH Merrylawn's Anotalco Am/Can CD and CH Jer-Vic's Noelle of Merrylawn.   Many others have been pointed.   Later, there would be a black bitch, Bantry Tagh Enchantra Merry-L CD, who was the foundation for my blacks and blues.   Please take your time to visit with the Greats of the Past to view these wonderful dogs.


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